saal's wotmudlet


This is a set of color triggers which improves the readability and aesthetics of the game. Useful for newbies, midbies and oldbies alike.


  • improved melee damage colors, brighter green for harder hits, brighter red for harder damage to self
  • weaves are colored for quicker recognition of what just hit you or other people.
  • coloring for other melee such as dodges, parrying, missed stabs, landed stabs, charges, etc etc
  • status colors such as mood change, notice on/off, hunger/thirst, weaves on you such as fear, poison, contagion etc.
  • weather changes
  • following mobs such as rats, ravens and crows
  • hiddens such as rats or hidden mobs/pcs
  • day / night
  • water in room
  • aggros in room
  • pines/saplings in room
  • helpful mobs that assist such as wolves, scouts, sergeants, trees, Ogier, etc
  • bloody tracks
  • horses, cows, ox for improved horsehopping
  • helpful mobs such as wearied merchant, figure, wandering ranger pracs, etc

This script set is continually being updated. See below to find the latest script.

To install, first uninstall the old script with "Package Manager" then install the new one. If you have made changes to the last script you installed it is up to you to track those changes and apply them to the new script. If you have made changes that you feel are an improvement on my script and would like to share please contact me via forums.



Notice and hidden rats (MV is highlighted in green when notice is on, see below)

Below is a water source, some highlighted horses, a door, and a highlighted successful horse lead